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Unlock the Power of Retail with Face Recognition Technology

What could you do with live customer feedback on onsite signage, display and advertising impact and effectiveness?

AI analysis Demo: upload a snapshot of your onsite traffic. [help and examples]
Test different images. See the results instantly.

Facenition not only measures audience size but leverages face recognition technology to accurately track retail effectiveness

Improve your business with the power of science

Measure and know what works best

Your business is dependent on customer transactions. Facenition enables you to test and refine your displays.

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Measure Audience Impressions with Artificial Intelligence

Our technology analyzes audience impressions in real-time.

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Data is collected into a real time reporting tool

Reports will give you the business value of your adverts and shelving designs.

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Access when you want, where you want

Facenition can run on any mobile device.

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We take privacy seriously

Facenition does not store private information and is fully secure.

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Unlimited business-solution interfaces

Facenition runs a flexible API which lets you hook our technology to any other solution you need, like billboard solutions, on-car advertising or in-store signage.

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First 600 minutes are a free trial in all plans


  • 1 simultaneous location
  • Full Face Recognition
  • All AI brains
  • Comprehensive Analytics

Facenition Business

  • 5 simultaneous locations
  • One business setup
  • Full Face Recognition
  • All AI brains
  • Comprehensive Analytics
  • Our best deal

Facenition Enterprise

  • Unlimited locations
  • Unlimited businesses
  • Full Face Recognition
  • All AI brains
  • Comprehensive Analytics

We offer first 600 minutes FREE trial in all plans
- Facenition Freelancer: a limited Facenition product which allows you to use one app in one business setup. For example - a retail shop with one camera.
- Facenition Business: allows you to run Facenition in one business, and up to 5 locations. For example, a clothing shop with 5 cameras or a restaurant with 5 branches.
- Facenition Enterprise: Facenition for unlimited number of businesses in unlimited number of locations. For example, an agency which working with multiple corporate clients, or an advertising agency with multiple locations and multiple clients.

About us

Our team (order is shuffled each time you enter)

Eran B, CTO

Web Pioneer, Investor and a Technical Visionary, Eran has demonstrated experience in turning ideas into profitable online businesses.

Eugune D, Business Development

Serial Entrepreneur and Marketing Specialist, Eugune most recently created a startup that generated 5M worth of revenue in 12 months.

Elyssa T, Digital Marketing

Visionary Digital Strategist with a deep knowledge of content creation, the power of software and search algorithms to drive profitability through conversions and sales.

Elena G, Market Research

Project Manager and Market Researcher, Elena believes the devil is in the detail and uses this focus in her execution of market research and project delivery from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

Keagan K, Tech Lead

Passionate Software Developer who is extensively skilled in web and cross-platform mobile development, with experience in advanced implementations of computer vision and machine learning operations

Angus D, UI/UX specialist

UX Designer, Illustrator and Marketing Strategist, his passion is creating engaging, memorable, useful and rewarding customer experiences.